Hype House

The Hype House is a collective of teenage TikTok personalities based in Los Angeles, California, as well as the name of the mansion where some of the creators live. It is a collaborative content creation space that makes it simple for the many influencers and content producers to produce videos together. Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Vinnie Hacker, and others are current members.

A Spanish-style palace in the shape of the house itself is positioned at the end of a gated street. A lavish lawn, pool, outdoor gym, jacuzzi, and a sizable kitchen and dining area are all features of the mansion itself.

Hype House Members Ages 2023

Hype House Currents Members

Ace Ackers (20 Years)Bryce Parker (19 Years)
Jacob Day (20 Years)Jackson Dean (19 Years)
Kristian Ramey (20 Years)Vinnie Hacker (20 Years)
Mia Hayward (22 Years)Jake Hayward (24 Years)
Paige Taylor (18 Years)Thomas Petrou (23 Years)
Michelle CollinsAoife smzughtn

Hype House Members Net Worth 2023

According to calculations and assertions by multiple media sources, the net value of The Hype House, an American content creation collective founded in December 2019, is $10 million. They reportedly earn more than $20 million in compensation annually. The net worth and income of each member are also included in this.

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TikTok Earnings: According to reports, The Hype House makes up to or more than $5 million a year from TikTok alone. This includes both the members’ individual incomes and the money they derive from their participation in collective activities. For every 1000 fans, the group earns at least $2 to $4 thousand per sponsored post, and that is a conservative estimate. Media sources estimate that it may go up to $10,000. Their engagement rate is said to be 3% and above.

Instagram Earnings: A reasonable estimate places The Hype House’s annual Instagram revenue at least $2 million. The Hype House can charge up to $50,000 for each sponsored post, according to media reports. Despite the fact that they don’t post as many videos on Instagram, they do share a lot of professional and occasionally even some intimate images.

Ace Ackers$1.7 MillionBryce Parker$1.5 million
Jacob Day$1.5 millionJackson Dean$4 million
Kristian Ramey$1.5 millionVinnie Hacker$2 million
Mia Hayward$1 MillionJake Hayward$350K
Paige Taylor $1.5 millionThomas Petrou$2 million
Michelle Collins$1 MillionAoife smzughtn$2 million

The Hype House Netflix Series

The Hype House also had a reality series with the same name on Netflix. According to news reports, it debuted in January 2022 and will return in 2023.

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The group, which includes both current and former members of the Hype House, discusses what it’s like to work for a content house where the majority of the well-known employees have moved on.

Although recent member changes have had an impact on their revenue, it has remained largely stable since 2021.

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