Net Worth $5 million
Age 56 years old

Wayde King Net Worth

King net worth is estimated to be $5 million businessman and reality television celebrity from the United States. He has amased a fortune of wealth through his profession.

Who is Wayde King?

Wayde King, a native of Long Island, is an American entrepreneur, animal enthusiast, and television personality. He moved to Vegas roughly ten years after completing his technical studies. This was for the purpose of collaborating with a company that designs and sells aquariums. He met his future wife there, and thus began his professional path.

Wayde King Age

King was born on Long Island, New York, on September 19, 1966. Virgo is his zodiac sign. As of 2023 he is 56 years old.

Wayde King Family

King parents who worked as a fish dealer, and the numerous tanks they kept in the basement of his house.

He was reared in a fish dealership firm managed by his father on Long Island, New York, with five sisters.

Wayde King Spouse

Wayde Raymer, a successful entrepreneur, has been married to Heather Raymer for nineteen years. Wayde and his wife married on October 25, 1997. Their honeymoon was spent in Hawaii. Similarly, the amorous pair spent their second anniversary in Mexico, where they participated in Wayde’s favorite activity, scuba diving.

They met in Las Vegas while he was working for a manufacturing company. Heather has been a strong supporter of her husband since the start of his new company. She is presently in charge of the accounting division.

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Taylor King and Morgan King are the happy couple’s two daughters.

Wayde King Divorce

11th of March, 2019 King was detained on suspicion of domestic violence against her husband Wayde, according to reports. Heather King, who starred in the film Tanked, is said to have filed for divorce from her spouse Wayde King. Heather filed for divorce from Wayde in Clark County, Nevada, on Friday, only days after she was reportedly arrested for domestic abuse, according to TMZ.

According to the outlet, the reality star, who has two daughters with Wayde, has requested primary custody of their children but is willing to share joint legal custody.

Heather is said to have asked for monthly child support and temporary spousal support, which she says should be equal to a quarter of Wayde’s gross monthly income. She also stated that Wayde covers their daughters’ health insurance till they graduate from high school. According to TMZ, she requested a joint preliminary injunction when she filed.

Wayde King Weight Loss

His exact height has not been revealed. Wayde King was the talk of Twitter for a long time between 2016 and 2018, as posts about his dramatic weight loss flooded in. The most recent of them happened on August 15, 2018, when Manning’s O-Face, one of his admirers, commended him on losing weight and looking much better on the show.

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Brett Raymer, one of Wayde’s Tanked co-stars, repeatedly referred to him as “fat.” In an interview with, Brett stated that he had stopped calling Wayde fat, but that he prefers to use other food-related language. So, even if Wayde puts himself into a zero-figure, the ‘fat’ jokes never seem to end from Brett’s perspective.

Wayde King Education

He was motivated to shape up his career as he grew up. Instead of looking for a more convenient way to learn, he enrolled in a school that focused on real-world skills. To become a Diamond cutter, he went to the American Institute for Tooling, a machinist school.

He learned how to use machinery and various hand coordination techniques there. His educational background includes Commack North School of Hard Rocks and the America Institute of Diamond Cutting.

Wayde King Career

His company was also featured in the Animal Planet television series ‘Tanked,’ which ended its fourth season in 2014. His fascination with fish and aquatic life began at a young age. His father was a fish salesman, thus he grew up with a lot of fish tanks in the basement of his house.

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He began his job at the age of fourteen, learning to clean tanks alongside his stepfather, Shelly. He later relocated to Las Vegas, where he worked for a company that produced and sold aquariums. He relocated to Vegas roughly ten years after finishing his technical degree to work for a company that makes and sells aquariums. He met his future wife when he was there, and his career began from there. The construction of a tank for his wife’s father was one of his big projects in Vegas.

His father-in-law recognized in him a guy destined for greatness in the aquarium construction industry. Wayde’s entrepreneurial journey began when he decided to collaborate with him to help him expand his business selling fish and building tanks. That was in 1990, and he built a 600-gallon fish tank for his father-in-law (Irwin), sparking the start of a new business.

Wayde and his wife’s family, which included his father-in-law, brother-in-law Brett, and his wife, formed a business together. Although such a corporate arrangement has its obstacles, it also has its opportunities, as seen in many television series.

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