Its a jewelry store that embraced Atlanta’s distinctive and creative culture. After gaining some notoriety, they closed their more conventional jewelry store in the Gwinnett neighborhood of North Atlanta in 2009 and opened Icebox Diamonds and Watches in the center of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, where it is still operating today.

How much is Icebox Store Worth?

Icebox Diamonds and watches estimated annual revenue is currently $19.1M according to

Who is the owner of Icebox Store

Icebox Diamonds and Watches is owned and run by three brothers Zahir Jooma, Mo Jooma and Rafi Jooma.

Icebox Diamonds and watches has a unique marketing. They are found on Instagram, a website and you tube. They have a large following on all their Social handles.

Most Hip-hop superstars, athletes and celebrities shop their jewelry at Icebox Diamonds and watches.

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