William H. Juvonen Death

William Harwood Juvonen passed away at his home in Stamford, Connecticut on December 22, 2018. He left behind his wife Karen Coleman Juvonen, and two children; Nancy Juvonen Fallon and Jim Juvonen .

William H. Juvonen Net Worth

William H. Juvonen and his family enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Due to the celebrity and fortune, he has amassed over the years. Although He has not disclosed his net worth.

William H. Juvonen Bio

William H. Juvonen is a well-known celebrity father. Jim Juvonen and Nancy Juvonen are his children. His daughter Nancy Juvonen is a well-known producer of films like How to Be Single and Never Been Kissed, among others. Jim Juvonen, who is also his son, is a well-known television producer.

William H. Juvonen Age

William H. Juvonen was born in San Antonio, California, United States of America, on 23 December 1947.

William H. Juvonen Parents

William H. Juvonen was born and reared in the United States. We were unable to learn anything about his family because no such information is publicly available. As a result, William H. Juvonen’s parents’ identities remain unknown. It’s also unclear whether he has any siblings. When this information becomes available, we will update this area.

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William H. Juvonen Spouse

William H. Juvonen’s is divorced. He previously married Pamela Robin Newell. They had been dating since 13 July 1965. The couple, however, divorce on 15 February 1973.The couple have two children. Nancy Juvonen and Jim Juvonen are their names.

William H. Juvonen Career

William H. Juvonen is a very diligent person who has spent his entire life working for various companies. But he has not mentioned it at all. He also became more well-known as a result of his kids, Nancy and Jim Juvonen.
In the US, Nancy is a well-known producer of movies. She also shares ownership of Flower Films with another famous celebrity.

Jim  Juvonen is a well-known media figure, particularly as a television producer. The PGA Television Producer of the Year Award for Live Entertainment & Talk Television was also given to him.

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